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Ceramic Tile Dos And Don’ts

Southern Lousiana residents often wonder if there are any ways to maintain tile floors that look as good as they did when they were installed.

Here are ten tips to keep your tile floors looking new.

  1. It is important to not use ammonia, chlorine bleach, or acid cleaners for routine Metairie Floor Maintenance.
  2. To maintain tiles, do not use oil-based detergents, wax-based cleaners, or sealants. However, you can use sealants on grout joints.
  3. If you are not given instructions, do not use a non-metallic brush, cloth, or cotton mop for cleaning.
  4. Avoid using any metal-containing scouring pads or steel wool pads as harsh cleaning agents.
  5. Use only unglazed tiles as cleaning agents.
  6. To remove dust and dirt, sweep or vacuum the floor before you start cleaning.
  7. To remove any residues of cleaning products, rinse the area with warm water.
  8. Before applying sealants and scouring powders to large areas, test them on a small area.
  9. Before sealing grout, wait until it has dried completely. Every year, seal grout joints. It is possible that grout needs to be professionally cleaned and sealed every few years.
  10. Replace tiles immediately if they are damaged or broken. This will ensure that tiles around the area are not damaged.

Hiring a Metairie Flooring Contractor like Metairie Flooring is one of the most effective ways safely maintain your tile floors. You can spray it on the tile and wipe it off without causing any damage. It can also be used to clean grout. Contact Metairie Flooring today for a free estimate on any of our many flooring solutions.

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