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Metairie Flooring has a wide range of professional tile installation options. Our experts are knowledgeable about the latest industry standards and trends and have the ability to think outside the box.

All of our flooring contractors and professionals are licensed and insured in their locality. They also undergo thorough background screening.

We have a variety of financing options that are affordable for all types of flooring.

It doesn’t have to be hard to find the right tile flooring that will give you the look and feel you desire. It can seem overwhelming to consider all the options and styles available when you are first starting your journey to a new tile floor. You can save a lot of time by taking a quick turn. You can choose between a wood-look and a stone look. There are many options for wood-look tiles. This is the hand-scraped hardwood look, with a hand-scraped texture. You can also eliminate the entire category if you don’t like the wood look. You can find a wide range of porcelain tile designs that are stunning in stone, marble, and textured. These tiles will enhance your home and impress your guests. Large-format porcelain tiles are now available in sizes up to 18” x36”, which is approximately 1 1/2 ft x 3 ft. HUGE! Large-format tiles were once only available for an arm or a leg. This was the exclusive realm of the elite designer class. This is no longer the case. Metairie Flooring is not only pulling the rug out of under the feet of expensive fancy-pants showrooms, but it’s also doing it at a fraction of the price. Imagine getting huge format designer tile at wholesale dealer cost. Stop imagining, it’s here! You will be amazed at the quality of our wholesale direct pricing designer porcelains. This is a good thing. You won’t be able to slip on your designer tiles. Contact us today to inquire about porcelain tiles. Get a bold designer look at a low price!

We offer a variety of tile flooring, wall tiles, bathroom and shower tile, and kitchen tile brands, including:

Tile Flooring

Tile – Manufacturers of high-quality large format porcelain tiles in a variety of styles, including wood, stone, and metalized. Cesantoni offers top quality at incredible prices. We are pleased to offer direct pricing for this stunning DESIGNER TILE through our partnership with manufacturers. Our pricing is unbeatable. Why spend more at fancy-pants designer tile stores? Metairie Flooring offers great deals on porcelain tiles and dealer pricing. Interceramic, Daltile, Emser, Marazzi You can find out more about it!

Cesantoni Tile – Cesantoni tile is discontinued

We offer premium crest thin grout and set at affordable prices for contractors.

Cesantoni wood-look tiles

Tile flooring is long-lasting and durable.

It is cool and comfortable in the Louisana heat. Your pets will love it. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchen tiles, and foyers, as well as any room that requires a durable, hard-surface floor that looks great and is easy to maintain. Today’s tile floors can be made in many different styles. The very popular wood-look tile, which mimics the appearance and feel of hand-scraped hardwood, but retains the strength, resiliency, and durability of tiling, to mirror-like porcelain and stone look, marble, and patterned tiles, is a timeless option for flooring that will last a lifetime. Metairie Flooring is your tile-central. Here you can find materials and supplies such as grout and thin-set at wholesale contractor prices. floor tile designs,¬†Porcelain tile, Ceramic tile, Ideas for tile flooring, Tile, pool tiles, floor tile, patterns for bathrooms, ceramic floor tile, Ceramic tile at a discount, kitchen, tiles, Glass wall tiles, kitchen backsplash designs, bathroom shower tile ideas, tile shower designs, Bathroom wall tiles, Bathroom wall tiles, bathroom tiles design ideas, Bathroom tiles for small bathrooms, Glossy Cesantoni Floor Tile

The final look of your tiled floor can be greatly improved by choosing the right grout color combination. Sometimes a high level of contrast is required, such as a very bright tile with dark grout. This can be seen in commercial bathrooms and restaurants. Consider the grout color when choosing the tile color. How will they complement each other? It is common to use a complementary grout color. This can be seen in many homes, particularly tract homes that are built by model. These are just a few other things to keep in mind:

Grout coloring

Staining will be easier with lighter grout than with darker grout.

To prevent permanent staining, seal the grout.

How about DIY Do It Yourself Tiling?

Tiles are a great option for DIYers who like to do their own thing. A tile saw can be rented or purchased. You can use attachments to your electric drill to mix grout and thin-set quickly. Mixing thin-set is a tedious task when you are installing your own tiles. It is important to have the right tools and materials, such as spacers and good-quality tiles. This will help you achieve professional results. Start at the far end of your room and work your back, so that you don’t have to place your weight on newly laid pieces. To ensure a level surface, use your level to level each piece. To maintain a flat surface, you may need to take out a tile that has been placed. You will soon be able to accurately estimate how much thin-set you need to put on each tile. This will make the process easier. You can make your DIY tile project a huge success with a little planning.

Leveler – an important consideration!

You will need to use leveler material if your base floor isn’t flat and smooth. This is often the case for concrete foundations that have cracks and craters. The leveler is mixed, then poured on top of the concrete. To “self-level” your floor, you will only need to smoothen it. This will give you a flat and smooth surface for installation. Leveling is a must! Installing a tile floor is important, especially if you are using a plywood subfloor.

It creates a smooth surface that conceals any imperfections in the slab. In the case of tile installation, leveling is a must! You don’t need to be intimidated. Just mix the leveling mixture in a bucket with the drill attachment and apply a thin-set before you tile.

How do I choose the best tile store in my area?

You should only consider the best quality flooring tiles. Seconds are second-class tiles. They are not covered by a warranty and can be damaged. It is labor-intensive to install tile, whether you hire a professional like our team or do it yourself. It is a significant investment to invest the time and money to install new tiles. You wouldn’t want to risk all that for a second-rate, defective tile. Dallas Flooring Warehouse is now partnering with top manufacturers to offer designer tile at closeout prices. Visit our warehouse or one of our showrooms to see how tile can transform your tile remodeling project into designer heaven at a fraction of the cost.

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