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Brazilian walnut hardwood floors, also known as ipe hardwood, are a great choice for your home if you want a durable and strong flooring option. Our hardwood specialists are able to install, repair, refinish, and restore any type of hardwood. We can help our clients select the best woods, colors and grades for their specific needs. Metairie Flooring will help you integrate Brazilian walnut flooring seamlessly into your room design. This will create an elegant and distinctive style that will transform any space, while ensuring it remains intact for many years.

Metairie Flooring has been serving the Metairie, LA, area since 1998. We offer competitive pricing for residential, government, and commercial markets. We will help you decide if ipe hardwood flooring suits your needs.

Ipe Hardwood Floors: Benefits

Solid hardwood flooring is a great choice for your home. Ipe flooring is a popular choice due to its:

  • Timeless. It is timeless and classic, so it will never go out of fashion.
  • Durable. We don’t think so. Ipe hardwood is rated at the top end of the Janka hardness scale It is more resistant to scratches and dents than most other types of wood.
  • It is easy to maintain. Brazilian walnut flooring is one the easiest solid wood floors to maintain. All you need to do is sweep up any dirt and dust on a regular basis.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Installation

Metairie Flooring will install your Walnut floors. They provide dedicated support during the entire process. You will be supported throughout the entire process of hardwood flooring installation by our flooring experts. They can help you choose the right grades, finishes and colors for your Brazilian walnut flooring. Get a free estimate for Brazilian walnut flooring installation today!

Ipe/Walnut Hardwood refinishing services

Brazilian walnut hardwood floors are known for their durability. However, hardwood floors will eventually need to be refinished. Ipe hardwood floors are very resilient to sanding and refinishing, so they can look brand new again. It is important to inspect your hardwood floors carefully before deciding if you need to refinish or repair them.

  • Surface scratches
  • Missing boards
  • Stains
  • Odors
  • Squeaking
  • Cracks and splits
  • Gaps
  • Loose planks

These are signs that your ipe hardwood floors need to be refinished. Refinishing Brazilian walnut hardwood floors can bring back their original beauty and protect them from further damage. Metairie Flooring can offer a free estimate for hardwood floor refinishing or repair services. Get in touch with us today!

Best-Rated Brazilian Walnut Flooring Installation Services

Brazilian walnut flooring may be the right choice for you, whether you want to update your home or create a lasting flooring solution that can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Metairie Flooring can help you improve the appearance and feel of your home by installing ipe hardwood flooring. We are available to help with hardwood flooring installation, repair, restoration, and refinishing.

Contact Metairie Flooring today for a free Walnut wood Floor Installation estimate!